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6 Best Yoga Podcasts For Yogis

Podcasts are becoming more and more popular these days. They’re so easy. You can listen to them when doing the dishes, when driving, or when exercising. They load onto your tiny device, and you can take them with you wherever you go. Through them, you can access information or ideas on almost any subject, and it’s no wonder that so many people and companies are entering the genre. Yoga is no exception. There are a lot of yoga podcasts available, and to help you sift through them, here are eight that will help you improve your yoga practices. 

1. Yogaland With Andrea Ferretti

This podcast has it all, from great guests to conversations about taking yoga principles outside of your official practice, to in-depth discussions about yoga and life. The host is cheerful and welcoming, and the sheer number and breadth of episodes mean you’re sure to find one relevant to your life no matter what’s going on. 

2. Awake In The World With Michael Stone

If you like your yoga gentle but philosophical, then this entry might be the one for you. This host addresses not only some serious issues, such as the use of yoga in trauma therapy but also delves into the history of Buddhism and texts about the topic. It is interesting on an intellectual and spiritual level. 

3. Yoga Today With Simon Park 

For busy mornings and times when you just want to get your workout done and go on with your day, this podcast is short and sweet and has everything you need. Allow these short video podcast sessions to guide you through poses or suggest changes you can make with your lifestyle to improve your all-around health. 

4. J. Brown Yoga Talks

This podcast discusses many of the same philosophical and spiritual issues as some of the others on this list, but with a unique twist. His candor and sharing of his personal life create a real sense of community and connection, which keeps people coming back to this informative and inspirational entry. Yoga is about connection, and this podcast really celebrates that aspect. 

5. Corepower Yoga

This slightly unusual podcast has both videos and audio-only. In the videos, you get introduced to new poses while the audio-only answers common beginner questions. An interesting format is designed for the listeners’ needs and is very useful if you like to upgrade your practice constantly. 

6. Yoga Download

No frills and no messing about this podcast. If you want a yoga session for winter, or one designed to lift your mood, then this is the video podcast to come to. With twenty minute sessions, the Yoga Download podcast means you can always have access to a new workout that is designed for your needs of the day. A great idea and a tremendous final entry to this list. 

These eight yoga podcasts will inspire, motivate, and challenge you on every level. If you’re looking to add an extra dimension to your practice, or just for something interesting to listen to while you’re vacuuming the floor, try one and see how much it adds to your life. 

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