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Benefits Of Evening Exercise

Although morning exercise is often seen as the best choice, since it boosts our metabolism and energy, it is not possible or comfortable for everybody. Some people prefer evening practice, which is less talked about but still provides many rewards. Exercising after work or before sleep is an easier routine to follow for a lot of people since they are more motivated and awake. So, if you are definitely not a morning person, you can still catch up on the benefits of evening practice, which could even be more suitable for the goals you are trying to achieve. 

Exercise does boost our organism the same way as caffeine and exercising too late would most likely result in insomnia. For this reason, be sure to finish your exercise at least one hour before sleep. On the other hand, exercising in the evening exhausts us, and if done at the correct time, will actually make us sleep better. The restorative part of the day is key for a successful workout routine; being able to sleep better and longer will help in our muscle recovery and growth.

Your body’s metabolism adapts more readily to an evening routine and allows a more strenuous workout; as we can work about 20 percent longer. A 2013 study focused on differences in morning and evening exercise has found that our anaerobic capacities, as well as muscle strength, are higher during the evening, which makes the practitioner able to work at a higher intensity for a longer time. 

Being able to work with more volume and intensity will naturally end with better results, and it has been shown many times that people who exercise in the evening grow strength and muscle more quickly.

If you are a fitness enthusiast and decide to exercise during late-night hours, you will find that it’s easier to maintain the program you follow, since the gym will most likely be empty. Being able to work how and as much as you want on the chosen machines, without worrying you are in someone’s way, or someone else is in yours, consequently results in a better, more satisfying practice. On the other hand, if you love exercising outside, the streets are lonely in the later hours and a night run might just make you feel like you own the road. It can be a great motivator, and an awesome way to release all of the stress that added up in your day.

As mentioned above, along with physical, there are also many psychological benefits of an evening workout, primarily, the release of tensions built up during the day. Weight gain and stress increases our cortisol levels, which are proven to be lowered during the workout. Exercise also exhausts our energy and releases endorphins which make us feel better and more at peace with our lives. It is a perfect state to reach in the evening since it allows us a more peaceful sleep and can make us more prepared for the next day.

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