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Tips For Dressing For Outdoor Yoga

Nothing compares to the brilliant beauty of a sunset off in the distance. In yoga, we often attempt to surround ourselves with things of beauty and joy, which is why many yogis opt for an outdoor yoga class. This type of class or practice allows them to reconnect with nature, feeling the breeze and drinking in the beauty that surrounds them daily. It can give you a greater awareness and a sense of gratitude for the world you live in. 

However, many are uncertain of exactly how they should dress for an outdoor yoga session. What should you pull out of the closet if you’re heading to a local park or the beach for your yoga session? 

  • Wear Plenty Of Layers

You never know exactly what the weather will bring if you’re practicing outdoors. Be sure to wear an outfit that comes with plenty of layers so you can strip down or bundle up accordingly. It is even trickier during the season change when temperatures can drop or rise rapidly in the morning and evening. 

Consider wearing a thin pair of yoga Capri leggings with leg warmers over top of them, a tank top, and a light sweater. It allows you some flexibility in how warm you will be once the practice intensifies. The options provided with this solution also allow you to bundle up comfortably if it’s a gentler practice in the cool of the day. 

  • Consider The Bugs

Are there going to be gnats or mosquitos in the area where you will be practicing? If you think that this will bother you, make sure that you either bring your insect repellant or cover sensitive areas. If you frequently find bites on your feet after an outdoor practice, invest in a pair of yoga socks to wear with your yoga leggings. These allow you to grip the mat and prevent some of the more common insect bites. 

  • Wear Some Sleeves

It may seem like an uncommon trick, but be sure to bring something with sleeves that you may not even wear during your practice. Particularly for reclined poses, such as the bridge pose or savasana, you may want something to help protect your eyes from direct sunlight. If you aren’t fortunate enough to unroll your mat in the shade, this can help you to relax and experience each of your yoga poses more fully. 

Alternatively, if you feel that it may be too much for you to bring a jacket or you plan to wear it by the end of your practice, you may want to invest in an eye mask specifically for your practice. 

Outdoor yoga can be a terrific way to ground yourself and experience the beauty of nature throughout your practice. Preparation is key when it comes to making the most of your potential yoga class, and it can start with what you choose to wear to class. Be sure to keep these tips in mind before you go to your next outdoor yoga class.

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