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What is the Best Time for Yoga

Practicing yoga is beneficial no matter what time of the day you choose to practice it, but there are certain times during the day when practicing yoga is optimized. It is because the timings may coincide with your body’s natural internal clock. 

Yoga has a myriad of benefits for a person’s mind and body. And this experience of the positive things that you get from yoga can be optimized if you simply partake in yoga at certain times rather than others. So what are the best times do practice yoga, and why?

Sun Rise

A lot of Yogis believe that practicing yoga at sunrise has the most benefits for you. This is because it is believed that when a person wakes up at dawn, they are setting their internal clock accurately as well. It will be the beginning of your day, so this way, your day will start on a positive note. Another belief is that you are most energized at this time; thus, you can optimize your energy when you practice yoga at this time. 

When You Wake Up

Since not everyone has a routine that allows them to wake up at sunrise, another idea is to practice yoga right when you wake up. This idea also rests on the fact that you are your most energetic right when you wake up. Another reason is that you are in fasting mode when you wake up since you have not eaten since the night before. It means you will get the benefit of doing yoga with no food in your system; hence no problems will arise for you. 

Right Before Dinner

Another great time to do yoga is right before you have dinner since, at this time, you also probably do not have any food in your system from a few hours ago. It makes it easier to perform yoga poses and gives you the full benefit of them as well. When you perform yoga with a full stomach, it can cause problems for your health. Any exercise that is performed immediately after a meal can be detrimental to your health; hence it is a better idea to do yoga or any other form of exercise for that matter when you have an empty stomach or at least ate a few hours ago and gave the food to start the digestion process. 

Right Before You Go To Sleep

Yoga is known to help people relax their bodies and minds. Hence one of the best times to practice yoga is right before you go to sleep since it will help you fall asleep better. Yoga enables you to clear your mind and relax your body, which is exactly the kind of state you need to be in when you are planning to go to sleep. Just ensure that you have not eaten a big meal that is still sitting heavy in your stomach when you practice yoga. 

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